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505 9th Ave South

Clinton, IA 52732

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Our Mission

Our Mission is more than just recovery and homelessness! 

We go beyond so that individuals can fully realize, look at and increase all that God truly desires for them as an individual. 


We provide the basic needs for homeless men, women, and children; we minister to them in more than just words - we become involved in their lives and put our words into action.

It is our desire and goal to meet the needs of individuals and families in soul, mind, and body. We hope to break the cycle of dysfunctional behavior by battling the addictions of drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, and other behaviors which cause destructive lifestyles. 


We are a community aimed towards healing and transforming lives through compassion, grace, and love of Christ!


"Victory Center saved my life. I have no doubt about that. Who knows where I would be today without the people and saving grave of Jesus that I found here!"

- Female Resident 


"What did Victory Center do for me?

It changed my life!

Gave me a chance finally live my life the way God intended."

- Male Resident

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