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Urgent message From Apostle Tony Ortiz in Cuba (7-13-21)

To the entire nation of Cuba and all the Christians including the Apostles and leaders of the Church:

We need to remember that when you begin a Christian life you're already in Freedom! your inner man is filled! But it's not right when your physical needs are not met because of injustices of the people in charge of this nation. We need to be firm in positioning ourselves in prayer. It's not biblical when a government does not take care of its people. We need to raise our voices and become one VOICE. From Pinar Del Rio to Guantanamo it's our time to stand and be heard. The nations need to listen.

Let's keep prayer at the forefront.

It is illegal for the government to restrict its people from the life it wants to live. Let us lift our hands to the Lord and keep our passion for the souls of this nation Cuba. May God bless you for that. Something is about to happen, it's been prophesied! We are in a new season!

We have come to the time for the great prophesies over Cuba to be fulfilled!

Here we are us Cubans who are not leaving our country. Listen, we love our country!

I am Apostle and Cuba needs my voice! Keep us in prayer, please!

Pray that the governing authorities will hear us and change this land. We're Cuban's. We love our country but we have no resources to survive. We need your prayer and support!

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