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Important Announcement from Director Gimenez

Recently, the Victory Center Ministries (Emergency Homeless Shelter and Transitional Housing) has started seeing shortages within their budgeting.

“ Several factors directly caused the shortages” said Rev Ray Gimenez Director:
1. We have lost the transitional housing units from south 3rd street in Clinton; the building is the former YMCA. The lost cash flow is between $80,000 and $90,000 a year. 2. Many of VCM donors has dropped precipitously due to Covid-19. 3. The increase of services to the poor has escalated providing lodging, meals, and quality food boxes. As of the end of August 126,533 lbs. of quality food items were distributed. This equates to the production of 93,151 meals. 4. The significant increase of utilities cost to our women and children shelter and the men’s shelter has added much strain to maintain the operation.
“These factors contribute greatly to our shortfalls. We need revenues and lots of prayer” says Gimenez. “Being economically sustainable is our goal! But we cannot sustain ourselves financially if we don’t get help real soon," says Gimenez. Victory Center was founded by Ray Gimenez in 1987 (34years).

If you want to send help their address and phone number is Victory Center 516 9th Avenue south, Clinton, Iowa 52732 Tel: 563-242-9016 Or visit online

they solicit online donations:

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