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Did You Hear That?

Throughout the years frustration has been setting in with the church sound system and the lack of a skilled tech to run the mixer. Worship is an integral part of this ministry and it's purpose is to engage the audience to help them enter into the presence of God.

Constant disruptions with the sound is definitely a no-no as one small hiccup can ruin the experience for those worshiping and unfortunately if the sound is bad enough some may get offended and leave.

Finding a skilled tech to run the sound is huge and can make a difference to the overall presentation and so is the equipment that tech will be using. We at Faith Center Church believe and hope your experience leads you into a relationship with Jesus Christ and we are committed to providing our members, visitors, and those undecided that opportunity.

Recently we have been able to secure some people with the ear for sound but for us the frustration continues. Why you may ask? Well our system is like 28 years old and during one of our services the speakers blew out on us talk about frustration.

The Associate Pastor and myself made a temporary fix with speakers from the youth room, but the facts remain we need a sound system and the budget for a new sound system is currently not there.

We talked to a sound expert and he gave an estimate of around 4,600 dollars we can have a brand new system for years to come.

And we are needing assistance raising the capital to pay for this new system.

A Change Is Needed

Currently our church is bringing in a new Pastoral team and many changes i'm sure are to come with the sound system being one of them. Now more than ever is a good time to partner with us.

Here are the links to the equipment we are looking into purchasing with the funding that we believe will come in so we can continue to see lives changed and souls led to receive Jesus Christ in their hearts. #NewThingsAreHappening #FAITHCENTERCHURCHALBANY

Equipment list: Featuring Products from Amazon Smile and if you are signed up with Amazon smile program Amazon will also donate to program. As always a receipt is available for tax purposes just let us know.


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