505 9th Ave South

Clinton, IA 52732

Men's Shelter

Men's Shelter


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Men's Shelter

Our Mission is More than just Homelessness.

Homelessness, addictions, and domestic abuse are images that evoke negative thoughts, but homelessness is not just a man sitting under a bridge or a park bench.

Homelessness, addictions and domestic abuse now strike every facet of life....every religion, ethnicity, and culture.

Simply giving people jobs and housing cannot cure these problems and solving their financial problems isn't always the answer either!

We believe that the solution is to meet their spiritual, emotional, and financial needs.

We aim to provide basic necessities of life to all who need them, empowering them with the tools necessary to become valued members of society!

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Head Chef at Men's Shelter

With the help of the Victory Center during this pandemic, I have been able to focus on rebuilding my life.

Fidel Henderson,


People are scared, fatigued, stressed, and depressed. Victory Center deals with all of this.

We are here to make a difference and we can do it!


Current Resident

The Victory Center took me in at a time when I needed a place to stay. But it is really more than finding a place to stay,

I found a place of hope!