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VCM International is a ministry to third world countries to help in the preaching and teaching of the gospel, to aid in bringing relief by the method of adopting a specific region or city, and provide resources such as food, clothing, medicine, bibles, toys and any needs as our ministry will allow.


We want to share with you a few resent photos from the Victory Center Orphanage in Haiti, photos from Costa Rica, and Cuba. Thank you for your continued support to this ministry.


Our ministries are in the province of Oriente, a remote mountainous area. VCM International has purchased pigs as a source of food and income, and donkeys as a source of transportation as well as income.

 Director Jorge Urra and family.


The Food for Hunger Program in Mindanao, Philippines is directed by Pastor Thony Palma.  Their ministry is to bring food and items to remote and mountainous villages in and around Mindanao.  Pastor Palma believes that:


"...These poor and less fortunate people are yearning and longing for the help of divine deliverance from God through the helping hands of his church..."


Pastor Palma is truly dedicated to his ministry and would like for donors to know that the financial support is helping ministries like his around the world and that through these donations many blessings will come to countless lives as well as yours! Currently there is 41 churches serving the people of God.  It takes only $5,000 to open an new church in their own facility.  A donation of $100 a month for one year will sustain a church in the Phiilippines



Fishers of Men (FOM) is ministering to the poor and needy in Africa and other parts of the earth. We are reaching out in faith to see that the poor are cared for because we believe that faith, without works, is dead.(James 2:14- 18).


Fishers of Men Ministries uses a Christ centered approach to transform one life at a time by feeding their body with food, their mind with education and their soul with the gospel of Jesus Christ. By partnering with others, our shared passion guides us to work with the children and their community to nurture them holistically by building schools, caring for orphans, providing water, housing and medical assistance.

Petit Goave, Haiti - With the devastation of the major earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010, thousands of children’s parents perished in the earthquake. After visiting the area last month, Victory Center Ministries has decided to take on the challenge to rescue some of these children by starting an orphanage that will accommodate up to 50 children at a time. The date to open this orphanage has been set as September 1st, 2015. In order to do this, we need funds for beds, medical supplies, food, clothing, air conditioners, and of course for rent and utilities for the building that has been acquired for this purpose.


Your donation will go a long way. Please help us in this effort to save the children who need to be rescued! Call us at 563-242-9016 or 563-357-2459 Visit us at 505 9th Ave S in Clinton, IA. You can also make your donation online.

HAITI - Victory Center's Children's Home

Provide Christmas Cheer for the Orphans of Petite Goave, Haiti


It’s been less than 6 months and already the Victory Center Orphanage has 40 children.  Children ranging in age from 3-12 years of age.  We want to provide these children with a wonderful Christmas by letting them know they are being cared for. Your donation of just $33 a month can sponsor 1 child in the orphanage.  A donation of $400 a year will support that child for one full year. That is providing a roof over their head, clothes and food for a full year.


For more information, please contact Mike Lamb at 563-650-8402 or Rev. Ray Gimenez at 563-357-2459.


Haiti Orphanage is fully sponsored by Victory Center Ministries, INC. located at 516 9th Ave S in Clinton, IA.


DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Field Director: Pedro Martinez




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Every donation counts! The Victory Center requires about $500,000 yearly in donations.


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